We’ve teamed up with the one and only Cecilie, who uses our 6D Sliders in her martial arts training.

“My name is Cecilie and I work as a Thai boxing and mindset coach. I have been in the sport for five years and was taught by some of Thailand’s best trainers in the world. 

The unstoppable Cecilie shows how to kick 🍑 with our 6D Sliders.

I use 6D SLIDING as part of my training and coaching in Thai boxing. Thai boxing is a very demanding sport when it comes to a strong core, rotational power, balance and mobility. 

Incorporating 6D SLIDING help me take these aspects of the sport to new dimensions with sport-specific exercises. I also use them to coach my clients, especially in improving balance and mobility. I use 6D SLIDING because of the high quality of the product, which ensures the exercises can be performed correctly and safely. Especially the balance exercises require a high-quality slider to ensure the safety of the client.”

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6D SLIDING & Muay Thai

6D SLIDING is a type of functional training that uses specialized slide pads (the 6D Sliders) to create controlled movement, which can be a highly effective training tool for Muay Thai athletes. By performing exercises such as lunges, squats, and lateral slides with the 6D Sliders, athletes can improve their strength, balance, and agility, critical components of Muay Thai performance.

Specifically, 6D SLIDING can help Muay Thai athletes develop more explosive power in their strikes and kicks and improve their footwork and movement in the ring. The unstable surface created by the 6D Sliders forces athletes to engage their core muscles and work on their balance, which can translate to better stability and control during fights.

Additionally, 6D SLIDING can be used to target specific areas of the body, such as the hips and glutes, which are key muscles involved in Muay Thai techniques. By incorporating slide training into their regular training regimen, Muay Thai athletes can improve their overall athleticism and performance in the ring.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art from Thailand that combines punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and clinching and grappling techniques. It is known for its power, speed, and aggression and is often referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” due to the eight points of contact used in its techniques. Muay Thai has gained popularity around the world as a sport and a form of fitness training and is also commonly used in mixed martial arts competitions.


Currently she has completed +200 official marathons and has no plans to stop. As a long-distance runner its tough to stay clear of injuries and Pernille reveals that she has certainly also had her fair share of them.

To stay strong and minimize the risk of injuries, she often uses 6D SLIDING next to running to protect and strengthen her muscles and joints.

Pernille Krogh

Age: 29 years old

Club: Member of Club 100 Marathon Denmark

Instagram: pernille_krogh

Privately: Pernille is born and raised on Southern Zealand, and has since lived a couple of years in Copenhagen. Right now she is based in Jutland as she is currently in the process of taking her Basic Officers Education at the Varde Barracks where you are introduced to leadership training for the Danish Armed Forces. Pernille already has a Professional Bachelor in Nutrition and Health as well as a Master´s Degree in Sports and Health with a specialization in Competitive – and Elite sports.

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Of all the racquet sports badminton is the fastest, involving flying foot, lightning reflexes, terrific body balance, excellent reach, quick recovery time and immense stamina to dominate.

Elite badminton players are required to have a high level of skill. Though, to be a successful badminton player you also need to possess a variety of fitness capabilities such as; Aerobic fitness, reflex, flexibility, speed, balance, reaction time, agility, power and strength. All these fitness components can be developed with systemised assessment and training with 6-Directions. There are no rest intervals between prolonged rallies. This meaning a player needs to be incredibly fit to withstand the physical strain, otherwise he is liable to lose long rallies due to fatigue and injuries.

Strength-training with 6-Directions

Due to the low weight of the racquets and the low inertia of the shuttlecock, badminton players gain an advantage from an increased level of strength endurance and speed strength. With the help of 6D SLIDING from 6-directions, a badminton player can develop both strength endurance and speed strength by using a variety of sliding exercises. 6D SLIDING can be used in combination with other strength-training tools such as Dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells, as well as rubber resistance power bands. Before any 6D SLIDING training programme, a proper warm-up with stretching is recommended as it will help expand the range of movements and increase the core muscle temperature. Post-workout stretches will improve the muscle recovery and prepare the player for the next session.

“Several of these strengths and injury prevention exercises, which are extremely important for elite players, might be a bit boring. Training with 6D SLIDING makes it much more fun for both older and younger players.”

– Casper Wiklund, Head Coach, Lyngby Badminton Club.

Major muscles used

Badminton involves the use of several muscles groups depending on the movement performed by the players. Badminton requires a lot of lunging movements. With the various 6D SLIDING lunge exercises, you will engage several muscles from hamstring to gluteus maximus or butt muscles. The adductors and abductors, respectively, are also heavily used, especially when doing lunges in multiple directions and angles. It also includes loads of twisting and reaching movements which place a significant demand on your core muscles, waist and lower back. Smashing the shuttlecock uses the muscles of the chest, back and shoulder, and the degree of use solely depends on the shot being played.

“6D SLIDING trains the core, which incredibly important for all the movements we make. It trains as well our coordination and stability of the body.”

– Casper Wiklund, Head Coach, Lyngby Badminton Club.


As strength training is one of the fitness components that need to be addressed in your programme, you should perform compound 6D SLIDING exercises with multi-angle and jointed range for making it skill and functionally specific. Perform exercises for both anterior and posterior compartment is recommended for better effectiveness and to reduce the risk of injuries due to overuse.

“Our players use them when they are out at tournaments and preparing for matches. It is easy to use to warm up the joints and muscles – We recommend our players to take 6D SLIDING with them in their gym bags anywhere!”

– Casper Wiklund, Head Coach, Lyngby Badminton Club.

These 7 step will improve your overall badminton skills

  • Work on all components of fitness along with the strength protocols — speed, agility, quickness, reaction time, flexibility and breathing technique play a vital role in developing an overall fit player.
  • Establish a varied warm-up routine, from dynamic to PNF stretches. Incorporate 6D SLIDING as part of the warm-up to work on footwork.
  • Footwork and on-court drills specific to a particular skill set can be drawn up either with an assisted or 6D SLIDING.
  • Speed and explosive power work through plyometrics, 6D SLIDING can be used as tools with a varied time interval and recovery ratios. Rally simulation can be done with recovery ratio timings.
  • Good aerobic regime plays a vital role in recovery and sustenance for long rallies and recovering between high-intensity points.
  • Increasing fitness by restoration of muscle tissues during rest. Make sure you are getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night and adhering to a good active or passive recovery protocols, especially before badminton games.
  • Finally, strength and explosive power conditioning with 6D SLIDING should form an essential part of your training programme to maximise speed on the court and powerful overhead smashes.

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We just got these great pictures from Reishin Dojo Aikido, a great Aikido club in Odense, Denmark.

They love the 6D Sliders and we love how Sensei Merea and his Aikido-students use them to have fun and train at the same time – Both equally important when body and soul work together if you ask us. Aikido is often translated as “the way of unifying life energy” so the synergy with 6-Directions could almost not be better.

Sensei Merea and his Aikido-students

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