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6D SLIDING Challenge is a new active game created by 6-Directions. It consists of six challenges performed by teams of three. Throughout the challenges, the participants will be tested in various areas of functional training. As a result, stability, endurance, coordination, strength, balance, and technique is increased.

Also, 6D SLIDING Challenge is about teamwork and tactical considerations creating a unique and fun workout format. 6D SLIDING Challenge easily adopts to different purposes and target groups, for example:

  • Teambuilding– to strengthen unity among peers in a community
  • Event happening – to create social ties between participants at an event
  • Kids Sliding – to improve motor- and cognitive skills through playful programs

Depending on the purpose, age group and fitness level of the target group, the challenges can be adjusted, so it is challenging and fun for everybody.

Try 6D SLIDING Challenge!

Are you interested in a different and fun workout experience, or do you want to test your colleagues’ teamwork and communication skills? Then contact us to hear more about how we can provide a unique team building event for your community.

The price for an event is flexible and depends on the number of participants, and whether you already have access to a suitable location at the time of the event. We will do our best to meet your individual needs and expectations, and we can tailor-made the exercises to match the participants.

Contact us at to hear more.

The six SLIDING Challenges


Get back and forth as quickly as possible – without losing any sliders.


Use strength and technique with more demanding exercises.


Work together as a team to win this challenge.


Complete as many exercise repetitions as possible in 6 minutes.


Push the team to the limit, both physically and mentally.


A fun way to end the challenge… that could change the outcome!

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