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  • "6D = Scientifically proven training"

    Christoffer Andersen, MSc. PhD Exercise Physiology

    Unstable surface training like the 6-Directions sliders has been scientifically proven to attenuate performance improvements in healthy, trained athletes as well as a valuable tool in rehabilitation. The 6D sliders are great for training stability in both the upper and lower extremities and for core training the possibilities are next to endless regarding both neuromuscular difficulty and exercise variations.

  • "360˚ of freedom and suppleness"

    The Prehab Guys, California

    6-Direction’s slide training concept and equipment has opened new doors to our exercise library. When it comes to designing and thinking of new exercises, having innovative equipment that provides versatility and flexibility is key. The 6D sliders do just that; a piece of equipment that provides 360˚ of freedom and suppleness. The sliders are so unique because they allow us to regress and progress exercises much easier than other gym equipment, like machines and pulley cables.

  • "The new fitness craze"

    Claire Dyson, Head of Club La Santa UK

    We’re really pleased to be one of the first fitness resorts in the world to offer 6D™ Sliding. It will further enhance our comprehensive activity programme. This concept will take functional training in new directions.

  • "An easy way to stay fit"

    Gitte Salling, Founder & CEO, Energii

    The sliders are an easy way to stay fit, since they can be used everywhere. There are so many different exercises and you can easily get a full body workout only by using the sliders. Personally, I always bring my sliders when I am traveling.


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