The perfect slider

The perfect slider was created after many months of tests; we performed all kinds of slide workouts with sliders in different materials like plastic and nylon – but these turned out to be either noisy or created static electricity. We also tested different thicknesses, shapes and sizes.

The resulting slider has the perfect fit, size and weight – for both hands and feet at the same time. The omnidirectional hexagon shape inspires movements, and the ergonomic grooved surface ensures a firm grip while exercising. The compressed and sturdy fleece underside provides the best possible sliding with the right amount of friction with the floor or surface. Our slider is also quiet and does not leave any scratches.

The slider is not suitable for training on carpets, non-skid rubber, rough asphalt or grass.

Sustainable Danish design

The 6D sliders are designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark with a focus on sustainability. The manufacturing of the sliders uses CO2 neutral energy, and they are free from bitumen, PVC and other environmentally detrimental substances. The top side of each slider is high-quality polyamide, the middle part in biocomponent and polyolefin layer of up to 60% recycled material. Compressed and sturdy fleece underside.

The materials are TÜV-approved as hypoallergenic and are fragrance-free and antistatic.

What makes a great slider?

Many use home-made sliders (like we used to do) and can not see any reason to buy a professional slider, but once they’ve tried the 6D Slider, there’s no way back.

Before we created the perfect slider, we used other things for sliding, like old cloth, a piece of old carpet or even some leftover cardboard. But none of them could live up to the quality we wanted to make the slide exercises at a professional level.

We also tested other slide products that were on the market, but many of them required either large sliding-plates, which restricted the exercises and mobility, or they were noisy or the quality, size and design were simply too bad.

That’s why we made a new slider – and we think it is excellent!

What do other say about the 6D slider?

In 2017 our 6D Slider was awarded finalist in the fitness category at ISPO BrandNew in Germany.

Our slider also has the great honour to have been chosen by some of the leading fitness chains, studios and resorts in Europe; like Fitness First, Fitness World, Energii and Club La Santa.

The perfect slider is now being used all around the world by top professional athletes, physical trainers, physiotherapists, personal trainers and group class instructors. All of them requires only the best workout and rehabilitation equipment available.

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