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Personal trainer Vygante Kirkutyte shows in this great article on Alt.dk how to exercise the entire body with the 6D Sliders.

Vygante Kirkutyte has made a very effective 4 week program that everybody can follow.

Pictures by Klaus Rudbæk

Vygante Kirkutyte, 23, is a personal trainer and dietician. She also offers private group training and bootcamps. She has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health and has, among other things. strength training, bodybuilding, functional training and TRX as its training specialties.

vyga-hybridfitness.com / @vygante_k


Have a new look at 6-Directions exercise videoes!

ExorLive and 6-Directions have recently teamed up and launched a new exercise module with 6D SLIDING exercises available at exorlive.com and mobile app:

  • +40 new sliding exercise videos, pictures, anatomical illustrations
  • Multilingual (ENG, SWE, DK, FIN)
  • Cloud-based
  • Hassle-free sharing and distribution to clients regardless of web platform or operating system
  • Easy to integrate with journal systems

Functional slide training with the 6D Slider allows the body to stabilise while doing core exercises. 6D SLIDING also enables the user to train muscle interaction, from the inner, small supporting muscles to the large, visible muscles. All of our slide exercises are in the form of video clips, drawings of performance, anatomy figures and explanatory text, making it easier for you to ensure higher quality in the execution of sliding exercises – even when you are at home!

Home Training with 6D SLIDING gives better performance in daily life and sport.

Use ExorLive to create and design training programs

Over 19,000 professionals are using ExorLive to create and design training programs and now you can create your own personal 6-Directions training programs for your athletes in connection with rehabilitation, specialised training or general training. You can send the slide training programs via PDF, Mail or ExorLive mobile app. Your athletes can now perform 6-Directions’ slide exercises on their own or under review.

About ExorLive

ExorLive is the Scandinavian leading digital exercise software for creating professional exercise programmes easily. With more than 5.000 quality assured exercises, you can discover new exercises and inspire your patients in new ways. ExorLive is usable within several professions, such as teaching, training and rehabilitation and professional groups, such as chiropractors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, instructors and personal trainers. See more at exorlive.com

We want to show the World how to slide with 6-Directions, so sign up at ExorLive.com to create your training programs for yourself or your customers!

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