Function & Mobility Week with Franziska Piel, 6D Master Trainer at Robinson Club Camyuva in Turkey.

It´s been a fantastic event week, full of sweat, function and mobility. Around 50 guests took part in the event and had the chance to join at least two classes of proper training every day. Guests could try new trainings such as Functional Pyramid, Bootcamps, 6D Sliding, 6D Cardio Sliding and classes with combinations of Yoga, Pilates, stretching and active mobility. It was a pleasure to see how much fun they had, trying new exercises and moves on the 6D sliders.

One guests said: “It is so much fun that I even forgot how hard the session has been!”. Another said: “Wow! Absolutely amazing, this training set me back to the age when I was a child, playing and jumping around!”

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