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The 6-Directions concept can be tailormade to fit almost any kind of fitness studio. Read here how Gitte Salling, the founder and CEO of the danish fitness chain Energii, uses the 6-Directions sliders in a great way:

“The 6-Directions sliding concept is a perfect, fun, and safe tool for use at Energii’s Heat It Up® classes. In 2017 we had our own private label sliders made. Besides using the Energii sliders in our classes we are selling them as a part of our “Summer Kit” – a tote bag including a bath towel, two Energii sliders with 60 inspirational training videos utilizing the 6-Directions sliders.

We recommend our members to bring their “Summer Kit” and sliders on their holidays! The sliders are an easy way to stay fit, since they can be used everywhere. There are so many different exercises and you can easily get a full body workout only by using the sliders. Personally, I always bring my sliders when I am traveling.”

Gitte Salling

Founder & CEO


Club La Santa, the world’s top sports and activity holiday resort based in Lanzarote, has added 6D SLIDING to their free activity programme.

“We’re really pleased to be one of the first fitness resorts in the world to offer 6D SLIDING. It will further enhance our comprehensive activity programme. This concept will take functional training in new directions. The classes are available free to all our guests and we believe they will become very popular.”

– Claire Dyson, Head of Club La Santa

We have put together a “Club La Santa Workout” with 10 great 6D SLIDING exercises – performed here by Emilie and Phie from the Green Team.

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