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How should I warm up?

It is important that you warm up and stretch properly before performing 6D SLIDING. This will help you both get into the right exercise positions and make your workout more precise and effective. A general warm-up of cycling, walking or running that helps boost blood circulation is recommended. Some specific slide training exercises may require specific warm-ups.

Proper warming up protects the joint of the body and ensures good movement in your exercises. It means keeping your muscles long and healthy. Tight and tense muscles result in overloaded tendons and ligament, leading to less mobility in the joints and eventually, permanently shortened muscles.

Use about 10-15 min on warming up and stretching, but keep it at a moderate level.

How do I exercise with 6D SLIDING?

6D SLIDING can be performed on any kind of smooth-surfaced flooring. All of the suggested exercises tighten and firm up the stomach muscles. To get the best out of the exercises, keep a focus on both breathing and your technique while you are doing them. You’ll get visible and tangible results.

How long does 6D SLIDING take?

A program typically takes between 20 and 30 minutes depending on how many exercises you choose. We recommend a minimum of 6 exercises, phased over 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

How many levels are there in 6D SLIDING?

6D SLIDING can be done on many different levels. Basically, you can increase your level by using more sliders. Start out with a single mat and try more if you want to be challenged. 6D SLIDING uses your own body weight, especially for the basic level and before you have developed your strength. As you become more experienced with slide training, you can use your imagination and incorporate other tools into your training. For example, you could challenge yourself with extra weights such as a body bar or dumbbells.

How often should I do 6D SLIDING?

You should do the workout at least 2-3 times a week. Incorporate the exercises in your daily schedule to get the best results. You can also do 6D SLIDING in addition to your regular workout or strength training.

How difficult is 6D SLIDING?

The exercises may seem simple and perhaps even easy when you start. But just wait. They become more and more challenging, depending on the exercise variation you choose. Increase the intensity little by little as you build up stability and you will increase your strength and endurance.