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The six rehabilitation phases of 6D CARE

6D™ CARE is the professional slide training set and exercises designed especially for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The concept is developed by 6-Directions in close collaboration with physiotherapists and osteopaths in order to ensure a high professional level.

The 6D CARE exercises are created around the six rehabilitation phases.

A flexible solution

6D CARE is a flexible solution for physiotherapists, health and rehabilitation clinics. The 6D CARE sliders can be used by anyone and almost anywhere, making them easy to implement into daily clinical routines.

They’re ideal for both group and individual training sessions, as well as for rehabilitation exercising for the client to do at home.

The Product

The box includes a bag with two high-quality 6D CARE sliders, designed for both hands and feet. They slide with minimal friction on most surfaces.

The 6D sliders are designed and manufactured in Denmark with a strong focus on sustainable production. Free from bitumen, PVC or any other potentially environmentally hazardous substances. The sliders are TÜV-approved as hypoallergenic and are fragrance-free and antistatic.

The set also includes a guide with 12 basic exercises, tailored for the six rehabilitation phases of 6D CARE; and a web code that gives access to all the 6D CARE inspiration videos.

Are you interested in 6D CARE?

6D CARE can soon be purchased in our webshop for individual use.

Interested physiotherapists, pharmacies, health and rehabilitation clinics can contact us here for more information about 6D CARE:

Nicolas Förderer
Co-Founder of 6-Directions
Phone: +45 5376 6673

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