Mobile workout equipment for everybody and anybody!

If you’re looking to drive revenue and differentiate your group training offering in a way that attracts, engages and retains members, then you need 6D SLIDING. We can help you to combine the 6D Sliders and our slide training expertise to create a signature group training experience that your members will invest in and commit to more frequently.

6D SLIDING addresses multiple aspects of fitness — cardio, power, strength and endurance — for a complete exercise experience. You can modify the group workout to match members of all skill levels, and scale the program to accommodate both small or large groups. As popularity grows, it is easy to expand the workout as the 6D Sliders can be used in so many ways, keeping the group training fresh.

This product is designed especially for team sport and group training that needs a flexible and mobile solution. The 6D sliders work perfectly on almost all smooth surfaces and floors – except carpets and anti-slip floors.