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Workout anywhere, anytime!

Experience great full body workouts with 6D SLIDING from 6-Directions. Using only your body weight and access to our extensive video library (included with purchase), 6D SLIDING will provide you with endless workouts at home, at the gym or on the road. You can even personalise the training to meet any fitness goals you have.

Slide training constantly challenges your core while engaging a broad range of muscle groups all at once, including your heart.

6D SLIDING comes with a carry bag in nylon that fits into every sports bag – This way your 6D Sliders are nicely separated from your clean clothes before training and easy to carry around.

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Benefits of 6D SLIDING

  • Specifically designed to target core muscle and to increase strength as well as stability.
  • Improve sports-specific movements and recover faster.
  • Whole-body conditioning, strength and movement. Perfect to build muscles and burn fat.
  • Overall mobility & injury prevention. 
  • Use anywhere, anytime – at home, in the clinic, gym, or when traveling.
  • Unlimited acces to our exercise video library.



6D SLIDING enables you to carry out numerous exercises on your own terms. The combination of sliding exercises enables varied training with controllable difficulty levels. This set is ideal for intensive full-body training and strength exercises. Additionally, 6D SLIDING is also suitable for those recovering from knee and shoulder injuries.

Built to enhance strength and endurance levels, 6D SLIDING is an effective and versatile training tool that can be used anywhere. The 6D Sliders are perfect for any level of fitness training and can be used individually or in combination.

You will receive unlimited access to our online training platform, which houses our workout as well as over 40 exercises video. We have created some of the most effective muscle-building, body-shaping, and fat burning exercises, suitable for every age and fitness level.

Product info:
2 x 6D Sliders: 19 x 22 cm
Box: 24 x 20 x 2 cm
Total weight: 290 gram


The 6D Sliders are made in Denmark with a focus on sustainability. The manufacturing of the sliders uses CO2 neutral energy and they are free from bitumen, PVC and other environmentally detrimental substances. The top side of each slider is polyamide and the underside is made from a minimum of 60%-recycled materials.

All materials are also TÜV-approved as well as fragrance-free, antistatic and hypoallergenic.


Why train with 6D SLIDING

No Gym Necessary! Core-training or injury prevention – 6D SLIDING set is perfect for effective and intensive training of the entire body. The 6D Sliders offer a variety of workout options, even in confined spaces, and are ideal for targeted activation and training of major muscle loops like thighs, core and complete muscle chains. In addition, they are also ideal for dynamic warm ups or during regeneration phases after injury of various joint.

6D SLIDING can be used with any level of fitness difficulty and can be performed individually or in combination with other exercise.

When it comes to functional training and rehab, 6D SLIDING can help you improve certain sports specific movements and leverage your performance. They can also help you recover faster from injuries with slide training. Selected exercises that are low-impact and easy on the joints. For everyone who spends the majority of their day seated, the 6D SLIDING is one of the best workout tools you can use. When you sit for long periods of time, the muscles get short and tight. 6D SLIDING can easily target your glutes. Strengthening the glute medius will counter the negative effects caused by sitting for long periods of time.

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