6D SLIDING – Box 60

DKK 3.999

60 x 6D™ Sliders

Get 60 quality 6D Sliders in this 6D SLIDING box. It is great for a large group training with 30 people using two sliders each. The 60 sliders fit right into all of our 6D STUDIO displays, which can be purchased separately.

The 6D Sliders work perfectly on all smooth surfaces and floors – except carpets and anti-slip floors.

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Benefits of 6D SLIDING - Box 60

  • Effective and versatile training tool to increase strength and stability.
  • Specifically designed to target core muscle and to maximise body weight workouts.
  • Improve sports-specific movements.
  • Use for plyometrics, speed, agility training, warm up, general conditioning, and flexibility
  • Whole-body conditioning, strength and movement. Perfect to build muscles and burn fat.
  • Adaptable for beginner to professional athletes
  • Perfect fit for fitness studios, gyms, sports clubs, schools.
  • Easy and inexpensive to implement.
  • Ideal for large group training with up to 30 people.

Inside 6D SLIDING - Box 60

  • 60 X 6D SLIDERS

The 6D Sliders come in a compact recycling box. The 6D SLIDING – Box 60 is the ideal equipment you need to experience and offer the full benefit of slide training to your members/clients. Suitable for all fitness and strength training levels.

6D Sliders will maximises body weight workouts such as HIIT. It  have been designed for explosive endurance strength-training and make a great addition to any group workout routine. 


Product info:
Sliders: 19 x 22 cm
Box: H 38 x B 22 cm
Total weight: 4,9 kg


The 6D Sliders are made in Denmark with a focus on sustainability. The manufacturing of the sliders uses CO2 neutral energy and they are free from bitumen, PVC and other environmentally detrimental substances. The top side of each slider is polyamide and the underside is made from a minimum of 60%-recycled materials.

All materials are also TÜV-approved as well as fragrance-free, antistatic and hypoallergenic.

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