6D CARE – Box 10

DKK 1.059

10 quality 6D CARE in one box

The ‘go-to’ slider to improve mobility and stability! 6D CARE – Box 10 is the professional slide training set designed especially for physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The concept is developed by 6-Directions in close collaboration with health professionals, including physiotherapists and osteopaths to ensure a high professional level.

6D CARE is a flexible solution for physiotherapists, health and rehabilitation clinics and can be used by anyone and anywhere, making them easy to implement in daily clinical routines. They’re ideal for both group and individual training sessions, as well as for rehabilitation exercising for the client to do during sessions.

Benefit of 6D CARE

  • Specifically designed to target upper body, core and leg as well as strength.
  • Improve balance and body posture.
  • Enhance joint-specific movements and recover faster.
  • Boost your coordination and strength the important muscles. 
  • Increase overall mobility & injury prevention. 
  • Use anywhere, anytime – at home, in the clinic, or when traveling.
  • Unlimited acces to our rehab inspiration video library.

Inside 6D CARE - Box 10


The 6D CARE come in a compact recycling box. The 6D CARE – Box 10 is the ideal equipment you need to experience and offer the full benefit of slide rehabilitation training to your patients. Suitable for all clinics.

The 6D CARE slides with minimal friction on all smooth surfaces.


The 6D CARE slider is 10 % larger than the 6D Slider – so the user can stand on it with a flat foot without the shoe or foot touches the floor. This could otherwise be a problem if a person is rehabilitating and do not have the strength to stand on the tip of the toes.

The 6D CARE are made in Denmark with a focus on sustainability. The manufacturing of the sliders uses CO2 neutral energy and they are free from bitumen, PVC and other environmentally detrimental substances. The top side of each slider is polyamide and the underside is made from a minimum of 60%-recycled materials.

All materials are also TÜV-approved as well as fragrance-free, antistatic and hypoallergenic.

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