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The perfect Energii Summer Kit

July 1st, 2017|

The 6-Directions concept can be tailormade to fit almost any kind of fitness studio. Read here how Gitte Salling, the founder and CEO of the danish fitness chain Energii, uses the 6-Directions sliders in a great way: "The 6-Directions sliding concept is a perfect, fun, and safe tool for use at Energii’s Heat It Up® classes. In 2017 we had our own private label sliders made. Besides using the Energii sliders in our classes we are selling them as a part of our "Summer Kit" - a tote bag including a bath towel, two Energii sliders with 60 inspirational training videos utilizing the 6-Directions sliders. We recommend our members to bring their "Summer Kit" and sliders on their holidays! The sliders are an easy way [...]


Robinson Club sliding

August 6th, 2016|0 Comments

Function & Mobility Week with Franziska Piel, 6D Master Trainer at Robinson Club Camyuva in Turkey. It´s been a fantastic event week, full of [...]

Wax on, Wax off

April 29th, 2016|0 Comments

We just got these great pictures from Reishin Dojo Aikido, a great Aikido club in Odense, Denmark. They love the [...]

New 6D website

February 27th, 2016|0 Comments

Wuhhuuuuuu.... We are happy today! Not only because of the 6D SLIDING launch with Fitness First Germany, but also because we [...]