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6D™ SLIDING is the name of an innovative slide training concept that allows you to train your muscles in all six directions of movement. Up, down, right, left, back and forth, plus all the rotations. It is about improving the body’s stability, balance, strength, endurance, technique and coordination.

The result is a training concept that is as effective and varied as it is inspiring and gentle. The physical benefits of slide training are undoubtable. Your muscles are challenged both statically and dynamically and your balance is increased.


As a cardio workout, 6D SLIDING is difficult but in a fun way. It’s easy to intensify your training so you can achieve significant fat burning. Slide training movements are related to many other classic sports movements but with focused movements in all directions, and rapid starts and stops. This kind of training helps to stabilize your body’s core muscles.

6D SLIDING workout is the perfect addition to strength training. The exercises are known as “closed-chain” training. This means that the hands and feet form a closed chain with the ground, so you move in contact with the ground. This kind of motion provides a workout without excessive muscle stress and is a good option for physical rehabilitation.

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