The Danish school reform is known to bring more movement into everyday life in schools. We have therefore decided to support schools across the country. As part of our concept, we worked hard to find the best way of implementing 6D SLIDING in schools and introducing slide training in all its variant to children.

We want to help making physical education programs more inclusive, active, and fun than traditional PE classes, helping students seek out physical activity and develop a lifetime commitment to wellness. 6D SLIDING allow students to develop a variety of movement skills and teamwork capabilities so kids feel more comfortable in both group and movement environments.

6D SLIDING is perfect to create activities for all students. Some kids are more athletic than others, and some children have developmental issues or physical disabilities that make it harder for them to participate in traditional PE class activities. Physical education classes should focus on providing a variety of movement-based activities that will allow everyone to be involved and even challenge some of the more fitness-inclined kids with activities they’re not familiar with.


6D SLIDING in schools throughout Scandinavia

6-Directions will be introducing slide training in schools throughout Scandinavia, and with this connection an exciting collaboration has been concluded with Tress A/S. With this new cooperation, we have developed an unique product bundle which can only be purchased by schools.

“We always aim at implementing physical activities that children enjoy and will continue to seek out on their own. Of course we want kids to like PE class, but a better goal is to teach them movement activities they like so much that they want to do them at recess, after school, and at home as well, more than they want to play video games or watch television. Part of the trick is to emphasize “fun” over “exercise”.”
– Peter Lynggaard | PE teacher | Master in Physical Education

The product bundle has been developed to help schools realize the great intentions of the reform and, at the same time, support the philosophy that slide training at school can combine play and sports with 6D SLIDING.

6D School Bundle for only 5.999 DKK

The school product bundle includes:

  • 60 sustainable 6D sliders,
  • 6D STUDIO MINI – a display to easily store your sliders
  • Guide book.

The school package can be ordered by mail at or by phone at +45 86 52 22 00. See more at 
Tress A/S offers advice and guidance on the products as well as free consul visits all over the country!