6-Direction’s slide training concept and equipment has opened new doors to our exercise library. When it comes to designing and thinking of new exercises, having innovative equipment that provides versatility and flexibility is key. The 6D sliders do just that; a piece of equipment that provides 360˚ of freedom and suppleness. The sliders are so unique because they allow us to regress and progress exercises much easier than other gym equipment, like machines and pulley cables. Being physical therapy students, we strive to create exercises that challenge the human body functionally. Unlike other common pieces of gym equipment, 6D sliders challenge the human body three-dimensionally. The fact is we move in a 3D world, so it is imperative we train our bodies in a similar fashion. If you’re looking for functional training equipment, be sure to get your hands on these 6D sliders from 6-Direction!

Michael Lau, Arash Maghsoodi, Craig Lindell

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