Unstable surface training like the 6D sliders has been scientifically proven to attenuate performance improvements in healthy, trained athletes as well as a valuable tool in rehabilitation. The 6D sliders are great for training stability in both the upper and lower extremities and for core training the possibilities are next to endless regarding both neuromuscular difficulty and exercise variations.

For elite athletes 6D sliders are an invaluable piece of equipment to supplement their heavy strength training, and for regular people where bodyweight can be more than a challenge in most exercises, the sliders can easily stand on their own as the only exercise equipment needed.

The versatility makes the 6D sliders from 6-Directions a great tool for personal trainers as an addition to traditional equipment and without a gym the 6D sliders give bodyweight exercises an entirely new dimension.

It is well known that time and distance to the training facility are the two biggest barriers against exercise in everyday life. With the 6D sliders from 6-Directions it is possible to get an efficient full body workout even when you don’t have the extra time it takes to go to the gym.

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