When workout systems like the 6D SLIDING redefine the fitness industry, knock-offs and imitators are bound to follow. Those poorly made imitations put people’s safety at risk and deliver a sub-optimal workout experience.

When you buy from 6-Directions.com, you can rest assured that you’re getting genuine, best-in-class 6-Directions products that withstand heavy daily use by some of the world’s most demanding users like professional athletes, top health clubs, and elite military units to name a few.

6-Directions builds quality and durability into product design. Like manufacturers of professional sport gear, we use industrial-strength materials, employ redundant glue, and build in the perfect sliding features. This costs more, of course, but it’s how we make safe equipment that will withstand major loads. And on top of using top-notch design and materials, we have our products undergo testing for durability and safety.

If you buy products in other places, like in flea markets, street vendors or non authorised internet sellers, the chances they will be fake are greatly increased.


  • www.6-directions.com
  • Our official Amazon stores
  • 6-Directions authorised web affiliates
  • 6-Directions authorised distributors
  • At our tradeshows and industry events.

If you think you may have purchased a counterfeit product, please reach out to us.

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