6-Directions is a Danish company that focuses on producing the very best functional training equipment and training programs centred around slide-training.

Athletes from all kinds of sports: fitness, running, tennis, skiing, soccer, handball, mix martial arts, dancing etc. successfully use 6-Directions functional training programs and the 6D sliders as a supplement to their regular sports training regime.


6-Directions is developed by physical trainer and previously elite tennis player Nicolas Förderer and entrepreneur and creative director Kenneth Bay. The company was founded in Copenhagen in 2014 and is already a popular form of training in fitness centres and among elite sports clubs around Europe.

6-Directions highlights

  • Easy and inexpensive to implement
  • Great flexibility
  • Everybody can do functional training
  • B2C resale possibilities
  • Optimum tool and concept for personal trainers
  • Strong group class concept
  • Exercise in minimal space
  • Silent
  • Great training equipment for rehabilitation
  • Practical + small + mobile = cool
  • Eco-friendly, antibacterial and hypoallergenic product
  • Sliders designed and made in Denmark
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