Upgrade your coach skills with our industry-leading courses

Go in new directions with your training experience.

Expand your potential resources and maximise your revenue by bringing 6-Directions training to your business. Our products and training concept are adaptable to all fitness levels and will help you create fun and innovative ways to get fit, burn fat, build functional strength, improve mobility, and enhance core stability for private clients, small groups, and whole classes.

You’ll learn from industry leaders in a hands-on 6-Directions education course. All the basics will be covered, plus you’ll learn the fundamental techniques to efficiently and safely bring full-body, functional, and fun 6-Directions concepts to your clientele — no matter their age, fitness level or goal.

If you want to take your personal training sessions to the next level and increase your client’s functional strength and stability, then consider incorporating 6-Directions slide-training into their workout or contact us to find out more about our products, programs and how you can offer them in your training program or gym. 

Become a certified 6D SLIDING Coach

Our professional education courses are designed for fitness instructors, personal trainers, sports coaches and physiotherapists.

The most essential step you can take for greater business success is to differentiate yourself. Becoming 6-Directions certified coach will help you stand out from the competition as an innovator in the fitness industry, and keep your clients and athletes engaged with your training. 6-Directions workout programs and education courses will enable you to train all fitness levels at any location using equipment that fits in your gym bag. The innovative combination of our quality 6D SLIDING, our over 100 exercises, and professional training will quickly equip you with an appealing, versatile, scalable, and portable training program.

You will have something truly different, effective, and exciting to offer your clients.         

Our first comprehensive courses are 6D SLIDING Coach and 6D SLIDING Group Coach – click the links below to read more.

6D SLIDING Group Coach
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