6D SLIDING makes Physical Education more fun and engaging for children

Physical activity is critical for a healthy lifestyle and the development of the mind, body and spirit. With our slide training concept for children, we are combating inactive lifestyles through play in new, exciting ways. 

Research has proven a correlation between regular, healthy physical activity and critical development of students—including improved health and increased cognitive skills. By providing playful programs and well-designed environments that intentionally promote fitness and physical activity, both schools and activity centres can create more fun opportunities for children to engage and have access to active cooperative play.

Be fast, be precise, be creative, be strong, be fun or a good friend

Fun play is the new exercise 

Despite recent declines in the prevalence among preschool-aged children, obesity among all children is still too high. Today meaningful exercise for kids is much different than what an adult will choose.

With 6D SLIDING, children can exercise in short bursts and use their bodies in lots of different directions, so when suggesting activities for them, it’s more relevant to think like a playmate, not a personal trainer. Since children think of play as fun, and not work, it is logical to look for ways to help children meet physical fitness standards through meaningful activities at school.

6D SLIDING for children is an innovative physical education resource which is carefully created to enhance physical development, help children enjoy physical fitness, and show them how to be active throughout their lifetime.

Through our complete selection of playful sliding activities, and our high-quality sliding equipment we provide meaningful ways for schools and recreation professionals to adequately address health and wellness initiatives as well as promoting fitness and fun during Physical Education.

The 6D SLIDING Kids bundle

The 6D SLIDING Kids bundle has everything you need to incorporate physical activity into the lives of all students. Whether in the classroom, in the hallway, or the school gym.

The 6D SLIDING Kids bundle include:

  • 60 x 6D Sliders – Enough for 30 kids
  • 1 x 6D STUDIO Mini – Lightweight slider storage
  • 1 x 6D SLIDING manual for kids – 48 pages
  • Unlimited access to our video exercise library
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6-Directions encourage physical activity

We provide active play through the use of six key sliding elements that promote fitness — balancing, sliding, rotating, pulling, pushing and jumping. These 6 activities provide a developmentally appropriate total body workout for children to help engage them in active behaviour and learn to enjoy physical activity and fitness.

6D SLIDING for children not only promote gross motor development, but they improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills and provide opportunities for creativity, social interaction, and overall physical fitness. In addition, when children are engaged in physical activity with 6D SLIDING, no one is “waiting for a turn,” and no children feel left out due to a lack of skills. Play is fun, and fun is not something that children have to be encouraged to partake. With 6D SLIDING for children, we can help educators engage and energise students to get active today and sustain a healthy lifestyle tomorrow.


Kids having fun at the European Week of Sport in Brussels, April 2015.

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