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Fit kids with

When a boy said; “Hey, it’s like sliding in a banana peel” – we had the name for our slide concept for children because we believe that it should be fun to exercise – no matter how old you are and 6D BANANA is the new way to move.

The 6D BANANA slider is made child-sized, suitable for both hand and feet. The hexagonal shape inspires movement in all directions and it works on nearly all surfaces. The slider is easy for kids to handle in games and sports and they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They offer fun, play and very effective exercises – but also countless creative options for every level of difficulty (sporting differentiation).

The creative possibilities are endless making them ideally suited for children and young people in schools and recreational sport. Functional training in physical education can be motivating and fun with the sliders and they can be customised with almost any print, so they can be used in all kinds of play combined with learning – This we call this Superlearning.

Filmed at the European Week of Sport in Brussels, April 2015.


Examples of how the 6D BANANA sliders can be customised with print to inspire creative play.

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